Welcome to the Online Payment Program for the Gallia County Juvenile Court. As part of an ongoing process of expanding services and incorporating technology in day-to-day operations, you can now pay eligible costs online.

To make a payment, you will need your Court assigned ID and ePayment password. Once you provide us with that information we will tell you how much money you owe and the minimum payment that is required. After you tell us how much you wish to pay you will be taken to a third-party payment processing site. This secure site utilizes encryption technology and every precaution has been taken to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to your private information while it is transferred over the internet. However, by submitting this information electronically, you are acknowledging that neither the Gallia County Juvenile Court, the Clerk of the Gallia County Juvenile Court, nor Gallia County assumes any liability for data submitted via this site (please read our privacy policy and our return policy).

Payment Services provided by Henschen & Associates, Inc..